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Management fee

Management Fee

With a DHA lease, investors get a number of rent guarantees, property management, maintenance and repairs service and making good at end of lease all covered by the one fee. Currently houses attract a fee of 16.5% including GST and body corporate/strata properties attract a fee of between 12 and 14% including GST. The fee is calculated on the gross rent paid and is deducted monthly. These rates may change from time to time and investors should always confirm before relying on these figures.

The fee may sound high initially when compared with a real estate agent, but when you add up the value of the services and guarantees that are included, plus the ‘worry free’ aspect, a DHA lease starts to make more and more sense. We’ve talked to many investors over the years who initially thought the fee was high, but once they had done a little more research and did a proper ‘apples with apples’ comparison, found the fee to be good value for money.

Want more information on the fee and how it compares to a traditional real estate agent? Request a fee comparison here.

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