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Why A Defence Home?

DHA lease advantages

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is owned and backed by the Australian Federal Government. Established in 1987, DHA provides housing and related services to members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

DHA manages more than 18,000 homes across Australia. Around two-thirds of these are owned and managed on behalf of investors. The investment program run by DHA has been extremely successful. Investors give great feedback about the performance of their investment and many have become repeat investors. Obviously repeat investors are happy investors. It really is a tried, tested and proven way to invest in property.

An investment with DHA offers:

  • Rent guarantees
  • Property management
  • Maintenance and repairs service
  • Making good at the end of lease

Rent guarantees – Investors get paid even during normal vacancies, for example if a tenant moves out and the next tenant doesn’t move in for three weeks, the investor would be paid rent for those three weeks despite the home being vacant. The rent is also reviewed each year by an independent valuer, so the investor gets the benefit of any market rent increases.

Knowing that your rent is secure takes the worry out of the investment. 

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Property management – Finding new tenants, payment of outgoings (water/council rates etc), regular inspections, handling of tenant enquiries and all the day to day management are taken care of by DHA.

This means a hassle free investment. 

Maintenance and repairs service – General repairs, maintenance and cleaning are all covered. Not only will the appropriate repair be organised by DHA’s maintenance team, but the costs are covered by DHA as well. All works are completed by qualified tradespeople. There are some exemptions to this service e.g., structural defects.

Not having to organise quotes and checking up on work means an investor has more time to do the things they want to do.

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Making good at the end of lease – At the end of the agreement when the home is handed back to the investor, the home will be repainted internally if the lease term exceeds six years. If the lease exceeds nine years the home will be repainted internally and externally and the carpets will also be replaced. However, this external repainting will not be done if the Body Corporate is so responsible. Any outstanding maintenance, including yard/courtyard maintenance will also be attended to.

Getting a property back looking fresh and at its best, means a great price if selling or the maximum rent if leasing. Perhaps you’ll even want to move in yourself.

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*Investment is subject to the terms and conditions of the lease. Investors should consider these when considering investing.

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