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Is Capital Defence Homes affiliated with Defence Housing Australia (DHA)?

Capital Defence Homes is a private independent real estate agency that assists investors and sellers in the purchase and sale of Defence homes. We are not in any way affiliated or connected with Defence Housing Australia. We do not represent or claim to represent Defence Housing Australia in the sale or purchase of any Defence homes.

Capital Defence Homes offers a proven track record, comprehensive experience, dedicated investor focus and first-class customer service. Being independent allows us to concentrate on our main goal—getting the very best outcome for our clients.

What areas do Capital Defence Homes service?

Capital Defence Homes services the whole Capital region—Canberra, Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and Googong. We are Canberra-based and owned.

Do I have to enter a ballot when buying a property with Capital Defence Homes?

No. All of our properties are sold in the normal way. If you see a property you like, you can buy it right away. If there is nothing suitable right away, make sure you register for our new property alerts and be the first to see new investment opportunities as they come through.

Can I inspect before I buy?

Yes. Once initial negotiations are complete, we can organise an internal inspection and show you through the property. We want to ensure you are 100% happy with your purchase.

Can I use a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to buy?

Yes, and we’ve successfully helped many investors do just that; buy a DHA-leased property for their SMSF. The rent guarantees are an aspect that really stands out for SMSF investors. Having a steady and reliable income stream helps avoid a lot of headaches. The comprehensive management and maintenance services are big pluses too. It’s a great way to diversify the investment classes in super without the normal hassles associated with rental homes. Of course, it’s a great idea to get professional advice and guidance if you are considering establishing and investing through an SMSF to ensure you get the best outcome.

Do I have to take out insurance?

Yes. The investor is responsible to take out insurance on the property. Many people tend to choose a landlord protection policy which is tailored specifically to property investors. It is a worthwhile investment to protect your valuable asset. Often insurers will offer a package deal when you have multiple policies with them. So, when comparing insurance companies, speaking with your current insurer could save you some money.

Can I inspect during the lease?

Yes. Owners can inspect their property during the lease term. Quite often though, investors tend not to bother. The rent comes through without fail and they don’t see the need to go to the property themselves. The choice, however is yours.

Can I sell during the term of lease?

Yes, you can sell the property during the lease. The lease remains attached to the property, so the new owner gets the remainder of the lease term and receives the same benefits and guarantees. By selling through Capital Defence Homes you get access to a database of investors specifically looking for a DHA-leased property. We make the process easy.

I noticed a home or sale with lease period remaining of 5+3 years. What does the +3 mean?

The ‘+3’ is referring to the 3-year option which is available to extend the term of lease beyond the initial term. For example, the initial lease term might start with a 9-year term plus the option of a further 3 years (9+3). The lease therefore could run for 12 years. The investor is issued with plenty of notice if the option is going to be used so that they know in advance.

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