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DHA repair and maintenance; saying goodbye to the ‘hassle factor’

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DHA repair and maintenance; saying goodbye to the ‘hassle factor’

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Jun 16, 2016

Australians still choose a residential property as their number one investment option to build wealth. Yet, there are others who miss out on this opportunity because of what I term ‘the hassle factor’.

The thought of organising routine maintenance such as replacing washers in taps or dealing with an unexpected event such as a blown hot water system can be a major factor why some choose not to invest directly in property. ‘I just don’t have the time’ or ‘I just don’t want the hassle’ are words you often hear when someone is opting for a more ‘hands off’ investment class instead of a property.

What if you could have all the benefits of a property investment without the hassle of the repairs and maintenance?

An increasingly popular alternative to a traditional property investment, managed by a real estate agent, is investing in a Defence Housing (DHA) leased property.

DHA’s lease conditions stipulate that they take responsibility for:

  • general repairs
  • maintenance and
  • cleaning

Not only will the appropriate repair be completed by DHA’s qualified tradespeople on their maintenance panel, but the costs are covered by DHA as well. It’s one aspect of what investors received as part of DHA’s ‘property care’.

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Of course, there are some exemptions such as structural defects or items covered by insurance or warrantee. Overall though, the maintenance provisions are comprehensive and make for a hassle-free investment experience. Lawns need mowing during vacancy? – DHA will cover it. The air-conditioning system isn’t working properly? – DHA will take care of it. The lounge room needs repainting? – again, DHA will cover it.

What if I’m considering buying a DHA leased property off someone selling part way through the lease term (mid lease). Do I still get the same repairs and maintenance? In short the answer is yes. The same maintenance and repairs provisions would transfer onto the new owner as per the lease.

Like the benefits of a residential investment property but don’t want the hassle? Consider joining more than 13,000 other investors and check out what a DHA leased property can offer.

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Capital Defence Homes
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