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Defence home investors now have a choice

Defence home investors now have a choice

Defence home investors now have a choice

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Sep 18, 2015

Flowers are budding and blossoms are bursting with new colour; it must be the beginning of Spring. Spring brings a tangible lift to the spirit in the Capital. After morning frosts and chilly nights, the cold is giving way to the sounds, colours and aromas of Spring. Leaving the scarf, gloves and beanie at home also means that some Canberra favourites – Floriade, embassy open days and family picnics by the lake! Spring this year will mean another beginning for us. The beginning of Capital Defence Homes.

When I noticed a gap in the Canberra region for a locally based, dedicated service for Defence home investors, the idea for Capital Defence Homes was born. Previously, investors had few options when it came to getting help with selling their Defence home and potential investors had to search through several websites and agencies to find a Defence home to purchase. Capital Defence Homes is a ‘one stop shop’ for buyers and sellers of Defence homes. We offer a new level of focus and expertise when buying and selling DHA leased properties. We are the only Canberra based and owned agency to offer this dedicated service to investors. There are many advantages that come with a DHA lease—at Capital Defence Homes we are committed to helping investors discover those advantages.

Are you looking for an investment to help build wealth? Increase your retirement income? Reduce your tax bill? Capital Defence Homes can help you. With our proven track record, comprehensive experience and first-class customer service we offer a dedicated investor focus.

Needing expert advice and assistance to sell your Defence home? Expecting the best possible return on your investment with minimum fuss? Capital Defence Homes can help you.

We’ll be posting news each month with insights and useful information on property investment and the Canberra region. Please feel free to share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Have a question? Like to chat about a DHA Investment? Need help selling your Defence home? Drop me a line at or call on 0421 040 082.

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Jonathan Irwin – Director
Capital Defence Homes
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