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Financial calculators

The Australian Government’s ‘Money Smart’ website has some fantastic calculators and useful tools to help you when budgeting and investing. They include:

  • Financial Calculators
  • Superannuation and retirement estimators
  • Finance apps for your smartphone

Visit the ‘Money Smart’ website here.

Tax and property investment

A property investment offers investors three distinct streams of income—capital growth, rental income and importantly, tax savings.

The tax savings associated with a negatively geared property can mean thousands of dollars’ worth of savings and may mean a property investment ends up costing little or nothing after tax to own.

The Australian Tax Office provides investors guidance regarding what they’re entitled to claim when investing in residential property. Some of these items include:

  • Management fees
  • Maintenance costs
  • Interest and borrowing expenses
  • Depreciation
  • Capital improvement works

Visit the ATO’s residential investment page here.

ACT stamp duty

Buying an investment property in the ACT comes with a unique advantage. Due to the leasehold system of land ownership in the ACT, stamp duty in most cases can be claimed 100% as a purchase cost. This can be a significant benefit especially if an investor is seeking to minimise tax due to a windfall that particular year. The savings can mean a big difference to your tax bill.

Visit the ATO for further information here.

ACT stamp duty calculator

NSW stamp duty

Generally speaking, if an investor buys a NSW property, the stamp duty paid can still be claimed; not as a purchase cost as in the ACT, but as a cost base item. This helps to reduce any capital gains tax upon the sale of the property and maximises your investment return.

Visit the ATO for further information here.

NSW stamp duty calculator


*Capital Defence Homes is not a financial advisor or accountant. For advice about your specific financial situation please speak to a professional advisor.

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