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About Us

About CDH

Capital Defence Homes is a specialised service; connecting Defence home investors.

We offer a ‘one-stop shop’ for buyers and sellers of Defence homes. There are many unique advantages that come with a Defence Housing Australia (DHA) lease—here at Capital Defence Homes we are committed to helping investors discover those advantages.

Are you looking for an investment to help build wealth? Increase your retirement income? Reduce your tax bill? Capital Defence Homes can help you. With our proven track record, comprehensive experience and first-class customer service we offer a dedicated investor focus.

Needing expert advice and assistance to sell your Defence home? Expecting the best possible return on your investment with minimum fuss? Capital Defence Homes can help you.

Capital Defence Homes is a private independent real estate agency that assist investors and sellers in the purchase and sale of Defence homes. We are not in any way affiliated or connected with Defence Housing Australia. We do not represent or claim to represent Defence Housing Australia in the sale or purchase of any Defence homes.

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